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Phase 1 Joint Racial Equity Action Plan

Per the legislative mandate of the Office of Racial Equity, in 2020 each City department was required to complete a Racial Equity Action Plan providing a blueprint for advancing racial equity in all aspects of the department’s work over the next three years. The two City agencies that merged to form the Department of Early Childhood, OECE and First 5 San Francisco, developed a joint Racial Equity Action Plan, given that they were also working on comprehensive joint planning for a more aligned and integrated early childhood system. Phase 1 of the Joint Plan focuses on internal systems, policies, and procedures and was submitted to the Office of Racial Equity for review on December 29, 2020.

Our 2021 Progress Report was submitted to the San Francisco Mayor and Board of Supervisors on May 2, 2022.


First 5 San Francisco and Office of Early Care and Education Phase 1 Joint Racial Equity Action Plan