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Career Opportunities

We’re seeking candidates who share our commitment to diverse, equitable, and inclusive early childhood experiences.

DEC is committed to weaving together family, community, and systems of care so that all children who grow up in San Francisco have a strong foundation of nurturing, health, and learning.

If you are ready to bring energy, commitment, and passion to the public service of children and families, join us and make a difference. Be a part of a growing movement and build a better future for our children in the City we call home.

Job Openings

9774 (TPV) Professional Development Pathways Program Officer

Salary range: $109,122.00 – $132,600.00

Application Deadline: May 7, 2024

The Professional Development Pathways Program Officer for the Workforce Development Initiative is part of a diverse team dedicated to the advancement, retention and working conditions of early educators. This position reports to the Workforce Initiatives Manager under the Early Learning Division and oversees the Professional Development Pathways grant portfolio and programming. The Professional Development Pathways Program Officer will be responsible for program design, budgeting, implementation, and evaluation of funded partnerships that increase access to coursework, student support and professional development attainment efforts for current and prospective early educators. They will manage and coordinate current and emerging partnerships with non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, provider communities, and other key community stakeholder groups to create equitable approaches to professional development that acknowledge the diverse experiences, opportunities, and barriers faced by the early education workforce.

Our Recruitment Process

We want you to know what to expect every step of the way when you apply for a job with DEC.

Complete and submit a job application using links provided in DEC’s Job Openings listed above or search for open positions on the Careers page of the City’s website.

Human Resources staff will review applications to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for the position.

For Permanent Civil Service (PCS) positions, the City requires applicants to complete an examination. This process is designed to ensure merit-based decision-making and prioritization in City hiring. You will be invited to participate in the exam if you meet the minimum qualifications.

Depending on the job classification for which you are applying, the exam process can consist of several parts including but not limited to online or in-person standardized tests, personal experience or situation-based essays, interviews, and hands-on performance demonstrations.

If you successfully complete the exam process, you will be placed on an eligibility list. Your rank on the list is determined by how well you performed in the exam. Many City Departments utilize the same eligible list at once for similar positions. Therefore, being on an eligible list may qualify you for various positions throughout the City (not just the one you applied to).

City Departments will further review eligible applicants for desirable qualifications and job-related skills. You may be contacted to confirm interest in a specific position or to provide additional information about your skills and experience. The most qualified candidates will be invited to interview with the Department.

After interviewing, Departments will select the best-suited candidate. If selected for a position you may be asked to verify education and/or experience, as well as references from previous employers. In addition, all employees must complete a background check including fingerprinting at the Department of Human Resources.

If you successfully complete the verification and background check, you will receive an official offer letter with job details. In addition, your new supervisor will contact you with reporting instructions for your first day of work.


Please check this page for future job announcements, follow us on LinkedIn and social media, and join our email list to learn about upcoming opportunities with DEC.