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ELS/PFA Qualified Family Child Care Providers & Centers

Use the tables below to find family child care providers and centers who are qualified for Early Learning San Francisco (ELS) and Preschool For All (PFA).

All providers shown in the tables below are part of the ELS program. Only the providers with ‘yes’ in the PFA Eligible program are part of PFA.

Click here to learn more about ELS and PFA.

Qualified Family Child Care Providers

FCC Owner NameBusiness NameLicense NumberZip CodeEmailPFA Eligible
Abea, Ana ClaudiaLittle Stars Day
Aceves, RosauraRosaura's Family Child
Aguilar Flores, ReynaSophie's Family
Aguilar, Silvia; Aguilar, Ramon; Aguilar, MarcelaLa Cuna Family Day
Alfaro, BettyLittle
Aliyeva, MaretaMagic
Alves, Edmar
Amaya, JovannyaPasitos
Aranivar, AricelaThe Painting Corner Child
Archila, BrendaBrendas Day
Archila, OraliaOralia's Family Day
Armenta, JessicaArmenta, Jessica
Au, Lai
Avalos, Daisy; Pasigan,
Ballesteros, WendyLittle Rainbow Day Care and
Banos, KarenHogar Dulce
Baquero, Angela V.Mis Pequenos Angelitos
Barrientos, Evelyn & De Sahara,
Batres, MariaBaby
Beltran, JaquelineLittle Champions Day
Benitez, Paula
Bustillo, Flor
Cabrera, Iris IvetteLittle
Cai, Lilian HuijunA&D Billingual Child
Cai, Zhong WenTwinkle Star Family
Campos-Cortez, Dora AliciaLeilani's Family Day
Canales, Iliana & Romero, JaninaIliana Ramirez Canales
Carino, EllenC&C Family
Castillo, Claudia MaricelMis Primeros Pasilos Family Day
Cedillo, FlaviaHouse of Angels Family Child
Chamo, ElvaElva's Day
Chamo, RosalvaRosalva's Day
Chamorro, Claudia
Chan, JennyJenny S Chan & Eva Y Chan
Chavez, CeciliaNey Day
Chen, Amy
Chen, DantongDantong Chen Family Child Care
Chen, Helen
Chen, MingyiRainbow Heart Child
Chen, Selina38400136294116lingmeichen@yahoo.comYes
Chen, Shao (Sharon) JinLittle Sprouts Family
Chen, Shao XiaFamily Daycare
Chen, Wan ZhenAngel Family Day
Chen, Xiao YunHappy Days
Chen, XiaoliSmiley Baby Family Child
Chen, Xu Ming (Michelle)
Chen, Yan
Chen, Yu
Cheng, Sandy; Zheng, Su QuingSunset Boulevard
Cherdak, JuliyaJust Like Mom Preschool38400106094116cherdakj@yahoo.comYes
Cheung, Siu
Chinchilla, LisaLittle Leaps and Bounds38400090894127info@littleleapsandbounds.comYes
Chow, Sandy
Coo, Angela Chi WahCoo Child
Cordero, Mercedes AmaliaDimer Family Day
Cui, Pei XianK.V. Child
Deng, Miao LingFairy Castle Family Child
Diaz, AlbaInnes Avenue Family
Estrada, EsperanzaEstrada's Family Preschool38400143294112lamaestrita2@gmail.comYes
Fang, JenniferJen's Crayon
Fang, JennyLittle Bear Day
Flores, AndreaVicky's Family Child
Forde, KellyNoe Valley Family
Friedman, Shifra V. & Pil, Menachem MendelKibby
Gallardo, Paola
Garcia-Meza, KimLas Mananitas38400170194112las-mananitas@hotmail.comYes
Gong, YingjunBaby Tree Mandarin Immersion Daycare and
Gonzalez, HasselKelly's Day
Guerrero, AngelicaBilly Goats
Guidry, Monique NGuidry's Early Care and Education Program38400154394112guidry@eceducator.bizYes
Guo, LuLulu's Family Day
Guo, YanyanYanyan
Gutierrez, Maria Del CarmenAngeles Maria's Day,
Guzman Garcia, Maria
Ha, WinnieGreat Family Billingual Chilc
Henriquez, Maria EBlanca's
Hernandez, Diana Diana’s
Hernandez, Doris
Hill, Theresa CHill Dreamz
Ho, Wing
Huang, AihuaBilingual Family
Huang, Cai LiKelly Day
Huang, JamieChild Field Day
Huang, Jin Ping; Zhou, Xi
Huang, Miao
Huang, PattyLittle Star Day
Huang, Xiao Ling (Sally)Modern Education Family Childcare
Huang, Xue
Huang, Yan XiaHappy
Jiang, Li
Jiang, Wan RuSunny Family Child
Kenyatta, JoelleJojo's Play
Kies, Janeth AlverezHappy
Kuang, KarenSpring Valley Preschool and
Kuang, Xue LanKuang Xue Family Child
Kuang, YushanLittle
Kwok, Lucy CBright Star Family Child
Kwong, Jenny Hui JuanJenny's Family Child
Lam, Dong GuiDong Dong
Lao, Ling
Larreynaga, MagdalenaLarreynaga Family Day
Lau, Chow LinTender Love Child Care
Lau, Chuk
Lau, Man NoiWong's Family Child
Lee, Ying
Lei, Lan
Leong Lam, Kam
Levy, Sumi LeeDoremi38400231094121doremikids2011@gmail.comYes
Li Chen, Mei
Li, Jie
Li, Jin
Li, Li
Li, Mei JuanQi Qi
Li, Min
Li, Qiu MeiBing Bing Family
Li, RunMingRunming Li Family Child
Li, SusannaSusanna Yanna
Li, Wei
Li, Xiao YanHappy Angels
Liang, JoannFlower Bud
Liang, Li
Liang, Su YingBaby Tree Family Childcare
Liang, SuminLeLe
Liang, Wei
Liang, Xue
Liao, Xiao Deng & Zhang,
Liao, Xiao LingPing Ping
Liao, Xiu XueSunshine Family Child
Liao, Ya
Lin, Anna Y38400189494112HAPPYANNAL38@GMAIL.COM
Liu, JingLittle Sprout
Liu, Lan
Liu, Li
Liu, Li
Liu, Lian Yuan & Liu, Hai TangGeneva Day Care38400277994112lianyliu63@gmail;
Liu, Qiu
Liu, TinaBright Star Child
Liu, Xue;
Liu, Yan Li; Li,
Lu, Xue
Lu, Zhi
Luo, Hong
Luo, Hong
Luo, Li Yi; Liu, Lu
Ma, Ka
Ma, Li
Madrigal, Maria G.Gaby's Family Day
Mai, Yi HongHappy Child
Maldonado, Carmen; Maldonado, EvelioCarmen's Child
Marroquin, RutiliaRutilia Family
Martinez, Maria D.Magic Wings Day
Martinez, Maria
Melikyan, GayaneSunlight Daycare38400155794116gayane.melikyan@gmail.comYes
Ming, Jie YingAuntie Ming's Child
Moy, Xiao-SongLittle Sunshine Preschool38400080894116songmoy@yahoo.comYes
Ng, Cindy Yue
Ng, Jeanne; Lee,
Ngtsang, Shiu KuenBrilliant Kids Family Child
Orellana, Sonia & Hernandez, AdanSonia's
Ornelas, Leticia & Gutierrez,
Ortega Flores, MariaMaria Ortega Family Children’s
Osorio, DinorahLisa's Little
Paniagua, MirtalaCaricias de Mamita Small
Pavlova, InnaOur Rainbow Kids Family
Pon, Huang Feng
Qiu, EileenSmall World Child
Quon, Mabel
Ramirez, ElenaHappy Face Family Preschool38400128594112happyface12@comcast.netYes
Ramirez,  Mercedes Del SocorroMercedes Family Day
Ramsey, Mary JeanMary's Little
Reyes, Roxana
Rodriguez, Sonia EAngel's Family Day
Ruan, Xing Chun38400428694134
Ruiz, Johanna P.Amor D' Luna Daycare
Sanchez, Mary
Santillan, Mariela CoreyLa Bamba Preschool CDC38400168294112msantillan20@hotmail.comYes
Saulny-Green, Anita M.Mama Nida's Loving Arms
Shao, Li
Shao, LiwenAlice's
Shen, Qiu Jin; Ye, Shun
Shen, Run ManDianne Chen's Family Day
Shwarz, IrmaIrcebabies
Silva, Ana
Silva, Magaly
Situ, DanguiDan Dan
Siu, Julia Suk WahJulia's Family
Smith, BrendaDiamond in the Rough Family Day
Smith, SharonSharon's Day
Soares Da Silva, Ana Luisa Ana Luisa Silva
Solodkova, MariannaMission Possible Preschool/FCC38400279794110missionpossiblefcc@gmail.comYes
Stokes, MargieMarg's Child
Suarez, Delia MargaritaDelia's Little
Sullivan, PatriciaBaby
Tan, Cui Qiong; Cen, LeslieCen Child
Tan, Mei
Tan, ShuyiRainbow Bubble
Thomas, Mary EOur Special
Torres, ZoniaShining Starts Family Child
Tran, KristySmart and Fun
Vanegas, MiriamMiriam's Family Day
Vargas, NellyThe Little
Vargas, TeodoraSanta Rosa Day
Velez, Eva; Velez, OwenOM
Walsh, AriaLittle Lady Bugs
Wang, MelanieLittle
Wang, PeifenA Star Bridge Mandarin Immersion Preschool and Child
Wang, Shao
Wang, Yanmei; Zhong,
Washington, Ruby MLittle Bits Family
Wen, Yue ChanYue Chan Day
Wong, Heidi
Wong, Hung HarHappy
Wong, Wan
Wong, Wan
Wu, Chun QiaoChun Tian Child
Wu, Hiu Yim (Carol)Rising Star Family
Wu, SammiClovery Family Child
Wu, Xiu LingHappy Land Family
Wu, Xue XiaBilingual Teddy Child
Wu, Yan Na & Wu,
Wu, YuexiuLily's Family
Xu, ChunHappy Learning Mandarin
Xu, YingFun Garden Childcare38400406194112XU_ALYSSA@YAHOO.COM
Yan, Mei RongHappy Field
Yan, Xiao Ling; Chen, Melody HuaMelody's Cradle Day
Yang, Hui
Yang, Sara MeiHappy Garden Family Child
Ye, Peiyi (Kris)Peiyi Ye Family Child
Yu, Bao
Yu, Chun
Yu, Cui
Yu, Hua
Yu, Leann
Yu, Xiu PingHong Lok Family Day
Yu, Yan XianKi Ki Family Day
Yu, Yu
Zamora Gomez,
Zea-Quinto, Sandra ASandra's Family Child
Zelaya, Ivania
Zhang, AiaiAimee’s
Zhang, JialingLittle Crystal
Zhang, Jie MinLittle Panda Preschool38400232494134littlepandapreschoolsf@gmail.comYes
Zhang, Wen
Zhao, Rui-Xin38400215794134
Zhen, JianziColby Daycare
Zhen, Jin MeiZhen's Family Day
Zhen, Xiao Xia; Zhu, LisaXin Xin Family Day
Zheng, Li Xian54 Lobos Child
Zheng, Shi YingMichelle Family Child
Zheng, Su
Zheng, Wei XiangHappy Trails Family
Zhou, Yan HongJoanna's Day
Zhu, BixianWen Xing Billingual Family
Zhu, WanyiApollo Family Child
Zuniga Lopez, Argentina38400084394112

Qualified Centers

Agency NameSite NameSite AddressZip CodeLicense NumberEmail (Director)Phone (Program Contact)PFA Eligible
1st Place 2 Start1st Place 2 Start1252 Sunnydale Ave94134Preschool: 384001195sjd3n1@msn.com415-333-2659Yes
150 Parker AvenueOne Fifty Parker Avenue Nursery School150 Parker Ave94118Preschool: 380500487info@onefiftyparker.org415-221-0294Yes
Angela's Children CenterAngela's Children Center775 7th Ave94118Infant: 384002781vicky@angelaschildrencenter.com415-386-0184
Associated Students Children's Center -SFSU1650 Holloway Ave94132Preschool: 380504942
Infant: 380504941
Baby Prodigy Nursery5135 Geary Boulevard94121Infant:
Banana Fana Preschool2701 Folsom St94110Preschool: 384004477gloria@bananafanapreschool.org4155836450
Bright HorizonsKirkham St10 Kirkham St94143Preschool: 384002350Catherine.Trabanino@brighthorizons.com415-596-5160Yes
Bright HorizonsMission Bay727 Nelson Rising Ln94158Preschool: 384003047
Infant: 384003048
Bright HorizonsLaurel Heights2675 Geary Blvd, suite 40094118Preschool: 384001301
Infant: 384004177
Bright HorizonsLittle Trailblazers50 Fremont St94105Preschool: 384002794
Infant: 384002795
Bright HorizonsUCSF Marilyn Reed CDC610 Parnassus Ave94122Infant: 384002158Catherine.Trabanino@brighthorizons.com415-745-3024
Buen Dia Family SchoolBuen Dia Family School589 Guerrero St94110Preschool: 380504038adelina@bdfs.orgYes
C5 Children's SchoolC5 Children's School (City Building)525 Golden Gate Ave94102Preschool: 384002299
Infant: 384002300
C5 Children's SchoolC5 Children's School (State Building)455 Golden Gate Ave, #240094102Preschool: 384000654m.loyola@c5children.orgYes
Catholic Charities CYO Treasure Island Child Development CenterCYO- Treasure Island850 Avenue D94130Preschool: 384002011
Infant: 384002012
Centro Las OlasCentro Las Olas3737 26th St94110Preschool: 384001625bethica@centrolasolas.com415-821-6527Yes
Cheryl Andersen-Sorensen Childcare CenterThe Land's End School4150 Clement St, T3594121Preschool: 380506270
Infant: 384002286  
Chibi-ChanChibi-Chan Too Preschool800 Presidio Ave94115Preschool: 384002962skanzaki@jcyc.org415-351-0955Yes
Chibi-ChanChibi-Chan Preschool2507 Pine St94115Preschool: 384000923skanzaki@jcyc.org415-351-0955Yes
Child's Time PreschoolChild's Time Preschool3061 San Bruno Ave94134Preschool: 384000521laulatime@yahoo.com415-656-0380Yes
Children's Campus at SF StateChildren's Campus at SF State1600 Holloway Ave94132Preschool: 384001884
Infant: 384001885
Itza Gonzalez Soza (igonzal1@sfsu.edu415-405-3611Yes
Chinatown Community Children's CenterChinatown Community Children's Center - Clay Site979 Clay St94108Preschool: 380505035anne@childrencenter.org415-986-2528Yes
Chinatown Community Children's CenterChinatown Community Children's Center - Chestnut Site715 Chestnut St94133Preschool: 384002724anne@childrencenter.org415-986-2528Yes
Community Preschool Grace Cathedral The  Community Preschool Grace Cathedral The  1100 California St94109Preschool: 384001831lorens@gracecathedral.org415-573-8647Yes
CompassCompass Children's Center144 Leavenworth St94102Preschool: 384000988
Infant: 384000989
kfuruyama@compass-sf.org415-644-0504 x3101
CompassHelen Hawk111 Page St94102Preschool: 380506508
Infant: 380506509
kfuruyama@compass-sf.org415-644-0504 x3102
Congregation Beth Sholom PreschoolCongregation Beth Sholom Preschool301 14th Ave San Francisco94118Preschool: 384000303dkleisley@bethsholomsf.orgYes
Cross Cultural Family CenterCleo Wallace71 Turner Terrace94107Preschool:
Cross Cultural Family CenterGolden Gate1455 Golden Gate Ave94115Preschool:
Cross Cultural Family CenterHeritage Center245 Rey St94134Preschool: 384002239
Infant: 384002240
Cross Cultural Family CenterJohn King Center500 Raymond Ave94134Preschool: 384002237
Infant: 384002238
Cross Cultural Family CenterLeland Center325 Leland Ave94132Preschool:
Cross Cultural Family CenterMarcus Garvey1672 Eddy St94115Preschool:
Cross Cultural Family CenterMary Lane Infant and Toddler Center1 Webster St94117Infant:
Cross Cultural Family CenterOscaryne Williams85 Turner Terrace94107Infant:
Cross Cultural Family CenterRaymond50 Raymond94134Preschool:
Cross Cultural Family CenterRichmond One750 31th Ave94121Preschool: 380504386fdavidson@crossculturalsf.orgYes
Cross Cultural Family CenterRichmond Two741 30th Ave94121Preschool:
Cross Cultural Family CenterTucker Center103 Tucker94134Preschool:
Cross Cultural Family CenterTurk Center259 Turk St94102Preschool:
Epiphany Parent-Child Center100 Masonic Ave94118Infant: 384001093ljones@theepiphanycenter.org415-567-8370
FACES SFFACESSF - Bayview100 Whitney Young Circle94124Preschool: 384002199aalbright@facessf.org415-567-2357
FACES SFFACESSF - Masonic1101 Masonic Ave94117Preschool: 384002201aalbright@facessf.org415-567-2357Yes
FACES SFFACESSF - Hayes Valley CDC305 Buchanan St94102Infant: 384002202aalbright@facessf.org415-567-2357
Felton InstituteFamily Developmental Center - Merged with Hilltop FY 2016-172730 Bryant St94110Preschool: 380505568
Infant: 380505534
Felton InstituteSojourner Truth Center1 Cashmere St94124Infant:
Felton InstituteSolmar Learning Center199 Shotwell Street94103Preschool: 384004506
Infant: 384004505
Felton InstituteMLK Center200 Cashmere St94124Preschool: 384002727yquiroz@felton.orgYes
FranDelJa Enrichment CenterFrandelja Enrichment Center950 Gilman Ave94124Preschool: 384000799
Infant: 384000798
FranDelJa Enrichment CenterHunter's View901 B Fairfax Ave94124Preschool: 384002983
Infant: 384002982
Friends of St. Francis Childcare CenterFriends of St. Francis Child Care Center50 Belcher St94114Preschool: 380504229sallarge@gmail.com415-861-1818Yes
Fun with MandarinFun with Mandarin327 Capitol Ave94112Preschool: 384004491benmolyneaux@yahoo.com415-682-9509
Glide Childcare & Family SupportGlide Child Care & Family Support434 Ellis St94102Preschool: 384000531efoster@glide.org415-674-6250Yes
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center CDCFolsom2050 Folsom St.94110Preschool: 384004598mcastillo@goodsamfrc.org415-203-0341
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center CDCPotrero Ave1294 Potrero Ave94110Preschool: 384000227Falarcio@goodsamfrc.org415-401-4245Yes
Growing Place Family Preschool & Parenting CenterGrowing Place Family Preschool & Parenting Center1250 Quintara St94116Preschool: 384002631info@growingplacefamilypreschool.org415-418-6863Yes
Growing Tree School1984 Great Highway94116Preschool: 384002454info@thegrowingtreeschool.com415-682-8889
Growing Tree SchoolGrowing Tree School1984 Great 682-8889
Happy Shalom SchoolHappy Shalom School862 28th Ave94121Preschool: 384001312director.shalomschool@gmail.com415-831-8399Yes
Holy Family Day HomeHoly Family Day Home299 Dolores St94103Preschool: 380500308
Infant: 384002319
hmorado@holyfamilydayhome.org415-861-5361 x205Yes
Just Kids Preschool5727 Geary Blvd94121Preschool: 384004285justkidssf@gmail.com415-830-7898
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - Broadway Center820 Battery St94111Preschool: 384001838director@kaiming.org415-982-4778
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - Dr. T. Kong Lee950 Powell St94108Preschool: 380505563director@kaiming.org415-982-4782
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - Geary Center6221 Geary Blvd94121Preschool: 384001291director@kaiming.org415-982-4779
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - North Beach Center1170 Columbus Ave94133Preschool: 384001489director@kaiming.org415-982-4780
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - PMsquare Children's Center (Mission Bay)671 China Basin St94158Preschool: 384004402
Infant: 384004403
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Rainbow Infant/Toddler Center799 Pacific Ave94133Preschool: 384002725director@kaiming.org415-982-4785
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - Richmond Center426 33rd Ave94121Preschool: 384001019director@kaiming.org415-982-4781
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - St. Luke Center1755 Clay St94109Preschool: 384002582director@kaiming.org415-982-4784
Kai Ming, Inc.Kai Ming Head Start - Sunset Center2800 Taraval St94116Preschool: 384001393director@kaiming.org415-982-4783
Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbourgan Armenian PreschoolKZV Armenian Preschool825 Brotherhood Way94132Preschool: 380505320gandonian@kzv.orgYes
L' Academy CPMCL' Academy CPMC1040 & 1060 Geary Blvd94109Infant: 384004573 Preschool: & myisia.brooks@lacademy.co415-757-0556
L 'Academy, Nob HillL 'Academy, Nob Hill1868 Van Ness Avenue Apt C10194109Preschool: 384004192
Infant: 384004510
L'Academy, SOMAL'Academy, SOMA322 8th st and 55 Ringold St94103Preschool: 384004297
Infant: 384004409
Little Children's Development CenterLittle Children's Development Center1223 Webster St94115Preschool: 384000818stefaniekchan@yahoo.com415-921-5517Yes
Little Footprints PreschoolLittle Footprints Preschool2201 Vicente St94116Preschool: 384002156littlefootprintspreschool@gmail.comYes
Little Footprints PreschoolOceanview306 Randolph St (2nd floor)94132Preschool: 384003083littlefootprintspreschool@gmail.comYes
Little Panda PreschoolLittle Panda Preschool205 Granada Avenue94112Preschool: 384004387littlepandapreschoolsf@gmail.com415-990-1930
Little Robles Irving, LLC1319 20th Ave94122Preschool: 384004603kristina@littlerobles.com305-926-7573
Little SchoolLittle School1520 Lyon St94115Preschool: 384000125kailet@littleschool.org415-567-0430Yes
Mission Child Care ConsortiumMission Child Care Consortium4750 Mission St94112Preschool: 380505833melanie.santana@missionccc.org415-586-6139Yes
Mission Kids  Mission Kids Co-op969 Treat Ave.94110Preschool: 384004339admissions@missionkidsco-op.org415-970-9027Yes
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Bernal Center3141 & 3125 26th St94110Preschool: 384001017richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2021
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Alemany Center956 Ellsworth St94110Preschool: 384002539richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2022
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Excelsior Center459 Vienna St94112Preschool: 384001206richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2024
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Mission Bay Center152 Berry St94107Preschool: 384001138richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2025
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Bayview Center1337 Evans Ave94124Preschool: 384001834
Infant: 384001835
richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2026
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Stevenson Head Start1330 Stevenson St94103Preschool: 384000731richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2027
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Valencia Center380 Valencia St94103Preschool: 384001634richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2028
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.18th St Center3543 18th St94110Preschool: 384000867richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2029
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.Alegria Center1245 Alabama St94110Preschool: 384002718richard.ybarra@mncsf.org415-206-7752 x2030
Nihonmachi Little FriendsNihonmachi Little Friends - Sutter Site1830 Sutter St94115Preschool: 380504776nlfchildcare@gmail.comYes
Pacific PrimaryPacific Primary Yellow Sun Campus (Grove Street)1500 Grove St94117Preschool: 380500491amie@pacificprimary.orgYes
Pacific PrimaryPacific Primary - Orange Sun Campus1501 Grove St94117Preschool: 384001816amie@pacificprimary.orgYes
Pine United Methodist ChurchABC Preschool426 33rd Ave, 1st Flr94121Preschool:
Portola Family ConnectionsPortola Family Connections - Excelsior5060 Mission St94112Preschool: 384004089ysihapanya@fccenters.org415-715-5116
Portola Family ConnectionsPortola Family Connections - School (San Bruno Ave.)2565 San Bruno Ave94134Preschool: 384000274ysihapanya@fccenters.org415-715-5116Yes
Potrero KidsPotrero Kids at Daniel Webster (PKDW)465 Missouri St94107Preschool: 384001949Herlinda@potrerokids.org415-550-3300Yes
Potrero KidsPotrero Kids at 3rd Street (PK3)810 Illinois St94107Preschool: 384002301rebecca@potrerokids.org415-550-3300Yes
Presidio Knolls SchoolPresidio Knolls School250 10th St94103Preschool: 384002131dave.lessing@presidioknolls.org415-202-0770 x100Yes
Project CommotionLas Luciernagas2095 Harrison St94110Preschool:
Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco, The - St Paul'sSt. Paul’s Church-Littlest Angel Preparatory Preschool221 Valley St94131Preschool: 380506430tina@littlestangelpreschool.com415-824-5437Yes
San Francisco Community College DistrictSFCCD Ocean Campus Child Development Lab School50 Phelan Ave94112Preschool: 380506136mvillasa@ccsf.edu415-452-5903
San Francisco Community College DistrictSFCCD Mission Community College Center1125 Valencia St94110Preschool: 384001721mvillasa@ccsf.edu415-452-5903
Seabird Preschool9 Pelton Place94133Preschool:; meisarchan@gmail.com4159326023
SFUSDArgonne750 16th Ave94118Preschool: 384000981Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-750-8617Contact SFUSD
SFUSDBessie Carmichael45 Cleveland St94103Preschool: 384001456Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-615-8450Contact SFUSD
SFUSDBret Harte950 Hollister Ave94124Preschool: 380504340Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-330-1545Contact SFUSD
SFUSDBryant EES2641 25th St94110Preschool: 380505800Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5784Contact SFUSD
SFUSDCesar Chavez825 Shotwell St94110Preschool: 380505801Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5765Contact SFUSD
SFUSDCommodore Stockton1 Trenton St94108Preschool: 384002514Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-291-7932Contact SFUSD
SFUSDDr. Charles Drew50 Pomona St94124Preschool: 380504567Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-330-1546Contact SFUSD
SFUSDDr. William Cobb2725 California St94115Preschool: 380504389Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-749-3544Contact SFUSD
SFUSDE.R. Taylor423 Burrows St94134Preschool: 380505930Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-330-1530Contact SFUSD
SFUSDExcelsior @ Guadalupe859 Prague St94112Preschool: 384000310Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-469-4753Contact SFUSD
SFUSDFairmount65 Chenery St94131Preschool: 384000669Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5666Contact SFUSD
SFUSDGordon J. Lau PreK950 Clay St94108Preschool: 384002503Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-291-7921Contact SFUSD
SFUSDGrattan165 Grattan St94117Preschool: 380504378Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-759-2850Contact SFUSD
SFUSDJefferson PreK1350 25th Ave94122Preschool: 380504419Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-759-2852Contact SFUSD
SFUSDJohn McLaren2055 Sunnydale Ave94134Preschool: 380504444Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-469-4519Contact SFUSD
SFUSDJohn Muir380 Webster St94117Preschool: 380505931Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-241-6335Contact SFUSD
SFUSDJose Ortega400 Sargent St94132Preschool: 384002637Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-469-4726Contact SFUSD
SFUSDJunipero Serra Annex155 Appleton Ave94110Preschool: 380504560Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-920-5138Contact SFUSD
SFUSDLas Americas801 Treat St94110Preschool: 384000375Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5746Contact SFUSD
SFUSDLeola M. Havard1520 Oakdale Ave94124Preschool: 380504345Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5660Contact SFUSD
SFUSDMalcolm X350 Harbor Rd94124Preschool: 384002534Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5950Contact SFUSD
SFUSDMission Education Center1670 Noe St94131Preschool: 695-5313Contact SFUSD
SFUSDNoriega1775 44th Ave94122Preschool: 380504442Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-759-2853Contact SFUSD
SFUSDPaul Revere ES555 Tompkins St94110Preschool: 384002717Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5656Contact SFUSD
SFUSDPresidio387 Moraga Ave94129Preschool: 384000047
Infant: 384000066
Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-561-5822Contact SFUSD
SFUSDRaphael Weill1501 O'Farrell St94115Preschool: 380504384Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-749-3551Contact SFUSD
SFUSDRooftop PreK443 Burnett St94131Preschool: 384002453Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5692Contact SFUSD
SFUSDSF Public Montessori School2340 Jackson St94115Preschool: 384002088Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-749-3544Contact SFUSD
SFUSDSan Miguel300 Seneca Ave94112Preschool: 380504406Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-469-4756Contact SFUSD
SFUSDSanchez325 Sanchez St94114Preschool: 380505926Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-241-6380Contact SFUSD
SFUSDSheridan431 Capitol Ave94122Preschool: 384001488Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-469-4743Contact SFUSD
SFUSDStarr King PreK1215 Carolina St94107Preschool: 384000221Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5797Contact SFUSD
SFUSDTenderloin627 Turk St94102Preschool: 384000892Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-614-3000Contact SFUSD
SFUSDTheresa S. Mahler990 Church St94114Preschool: 380506367Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5871Contact SFUSD
SFUSDTule Elk Park2110 Greenwich St94123Preschool: 384004405Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5871Contact SFUSD
SFUSDZaida T. Rodriguez421 Bartlett St94110Preschool: 380504354Yasharm@sfusd.edu415-695-5844Contact SFUSD
Slippery Fish Initiative, Inc.Slippery Fish Initiative, Inc.999 Brotherhood Way94132Preschool: 384002203
Infant: 384002204
Soma Daycare & PreschoolSoma Daycare & Preschool473 Bryant St94107Preschool: 384004498info@somaschoolsf.com415-418-4834
South Of Market Child Care CenterTransbay220 Beale St94105Preschool: 384004171jennifer@somacc.org415-820-3502Yes
South Of Market Child Care CenterYerba Buena Gardens Child Development Center790 Folsom St94107Preschool: 384000406
Infant: 384000407
St. James Episcopal Church Nursery SchoolSt. James Episcopal Church Nursery School  4620 California St94118Preschool: 380500619olivia@stjamespreschoolsf.org415-752-8258 x3Yes
Storybook SchoolStorybook School2149 Taraval St94129Preschool: 384002844mlam@thestorybookschool.com415-699-5180
Sunshine AdventuresSunshine Adventures4837 Geary Blvd94118Preschool: 384004025michellettc3@gmail.com415-699-5180
Sunshine Adventures Nob HillSunshine Adventures Nob Hill1439 Pacific Ave94109Preschool: 384004534sunshineadventuresnobhill@gmail.com415-699-5820
Telegraph Hill Children CenterTelegraph Hill Children Center660 Lombard St94133Preschool: 380504793
Infant: 384002632
cluu@telhi.org415-421-6443 x12Yes
Telegraph Hill Neighborhood CenterTELHI Mission Bay Child Care Center188 Pierpoint Lane94158Preschool: 384004340
Infant: 384004341
The Dahlia School116 Channel St94158Preschool: 384004471lindsey@thedahliaschoolsf.org415-583-6450
The Family SchoolThe Family School3101 Mission St, #10194110Preschool: 384000805
Infant: 384000958
The Janet Pomeroy CenterThe Janet Pomeroy Center207 Skyline Blvd94132Preschool:;; msnyder@prrcsf.org415-665-4100
True Sunshine PreschoolTrue Sunshine Preschool777 Stockton St, Ste 20194108Preschool: 380504311diana.kong@truesunshinepreschool.org415-956-4207Yes
Wah Mei SchoolWah Mei School1400 Judah St94122Preschool: 380504314alee@wahmei.org415-665-4212Yes
Wu Yee Children's ServicesBayview Child Development Center1601 Lane St94124Preschool: 384002433eric.chen@wuyee.org415-655-9567
Wu Yee Children's ServicesCadillac Child Development Center316 Leavenworth St94102Preschool: 384002512eric.chen@wuyee.org415-409-3101
Wu Yee Children's ServicesChinatown Infant Center/Little Sprouts831 Broadway St94133Infant: 384000804eric.chen@wuyee.org415-321-3217
Wu Yee Children's ServicesGenerations Child Development Center1010 Montgomery St94133Preschool: 380505707eric.chen@wuyee.org415-529-1345
Wu Yee Children's ServicesGolden Gate Child Development Center177 Golden Gate Ave94102Preschool: 380506088eric.chen@wuyee.org415-321-3855
Wu Yee Children's ServicesKirkwood Child Development Center729 Kirkwood Ave94124Preschool: 384002529
Infant: 384002530
Wu Yee Children's ServicesLok Yuen Child Development Center888 Clay St, Lower Level94108Preschool: 384000493eric.chen@wuyee.org415-321-3828
Wu Yee Children's ServicesNew Generation700 Velasco Ave94134Preschool: 384000921
Infant: 384000920
Wu Yee Children's ServicesOMI Child Development Center1111 Junipero Serra Blvd94132Preschool: 384002513eric.chen@wuyee.org415-239-1502
Wu Yee Children's ServicesScotia Early Learning Center175 Scotia Avenue94124Preschool: 384004667eric.chen@wuyee.org415-285-3600
Wu Yee Children's ServicesSoutheast1550 Evans Ave94124Preschool: 384004495
Infant: 384004521
Wu Yee Children's ServicesWestside Child Development Center2400 Post St94115Preschool: 384002531eric.chen@wuyee.org415-346-5820
YMCA of S.F.YMCA of S.F., Mission Branch, Alice Chalmers Preschool670 Brunswick Street94112Preschool: 384004267mrodriguez@ymcasf.org415-586-6900
YMCA of S.F.YMCA of S.F., Mission Branch, Mission YMCA Preschool4080 Mission St94112Preschool: 380503900mrodriguez@ymcasf.org415-452-7582Yes
YMCA of S.F.YMCA of SF., Stonestown Branch, Lutheran Church1011 Garfield St94132Preschool: 384002434mrodriguez@ymcasf.org415-452-7582Yes
YMCA of S.F.YMCA of S.F., Stonestown Branch, St. Francis399 San Fernando Way94127Preschool: 384000293mrodriguez@ymcasf.org415-452-7582Yes
YMCA of S.F.YMCA of S.F., Tung Lok Early Childhood Learning Center75 Vallejo Street94111Preschool: 384004449
Infant: 384004450