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Triple P (Chinese, Citywide Online, Parent Class)

你是否想:  建立和諧親子關係,減少磨擦  幫助孩子養成良好習慣  解決孩子行為問題 Triple-P 可以幫到你! Do you want to:  Develop positive relationship and reduce conflict with your child?  Encourage desirable behaviors?  Resolve problematic […]

中文支援小組- Portola (Support Group, Cantonese)

我們的中文支援小組每週都會討論問題、探索育兒方式和兒童發展的主題。 提供英文翻譯。 The Chinese Support Group is a weekly space for families to learn skills, ask questions, and grow together. Group activities include discussions on a range of parenting topics, […]

1-2-3 Magic (Cantonese, Parent Education)

a workshop series to help parents/caregivers to encourage good behavior and strengthen relationships 幫助父母/照顧者鼓勵孩子良好行為和加強親子關係 Learn about the “1,2,3 Counting Method”- a simple and effective parentingstrategy for young children. The goal […]

營養對大腦和腸道相互作用的影響 (Chinese, workshop)

你知道你的腸道和你的大腦有密切的聯繫嗎?你吃的食物不僅影響你的身體健康,也影響你的心理狀態和認知功能。註冊營養師司徒玉清為大家分析有關飲食如何影響心臟和大腦功能的基礎知識.什麼食物對大腦有益. 讓你的身心更加和諧。內容實用,有益健康,切勿錯過   DATE 日期: 3/18/2024 (Monday) TIME 時間: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm PRESENTER 主講者: Esther Hung, Nutritionist   Please scan the QR code to register. There will be […]

SuperHeros (Parent Education, Chinese)

A parent/child skill-building group for children ages 5 and 6. Parents and children will train together, learning how to use their superhero powers and feel safe. When: 4/3/2024-6/5/2024 Every Wednesday […]

有效正面家長教育之法/ Triple P (Chinese)

在這個課程你將會學會:  用正确的方式来處理子女不良行為  學會同子女建立一個良好的關係  用正面方式去教育子女   2024 三月十四日開課 連續十一週課程 逢星期四上午十點至下午十二點 地點: P518 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94108 費用全免 完成課程 – 頒發畢業証書 報名請致電: (415) 527-7084 添加我的微信ID:tonggorgor In this […]

⼤家⼀起玩 (PCI, Chinese)

2⽉8⽇ – 3⽉28⽇ 星期四 |上午 9:30 – 10:30 地點:1757 WALLER STREET ,兒童室 親⼦互動課程,通過以遊玩為基礎的活動 加強聯繫、社交情感技能和家⻑教育   最適合0-5歲兒童 Safe & Sound (