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Early Intervention and Specialized Services System of Care

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The Department of Early Childhood (DEC) has released a Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) inviting experienced entities to oversee, implement, and enhance critical components of San Francisco’s System of Care for Early Intervention and Specialized Services for children with developmental concerns or identified disability and their families. Funded components will fall under the broader umbrella of the City’s Help Me Grow effort, a nationally recognized systems-change model which helps establish an interconnected community of care to advance timely developmental screening, early intervention, and successful outcomes for children.

Summary of Changes (2/15/2024)
In an effort to be responsive to new questions we received regarding the Budget & Narrative form submission format – we are making changes to the application package submission instructions. We learned that the Budget and Narrative Form will exceed the 1-page limitation, therefore we are requesting applicants to submit the Excel worksheet (FORM F) as an attachment along with their application packet. We are extending the submission deadline to give sufficient time for applicants to consider and implement this change.

Applications Now Open!
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To learn more about this opportunity, download the RFGA Summary* and join us for a preproposal conference on January 8, 2024 at 1:30 PM.

Before you apply, you may submit a non-mandatory letter of intent by January 18, 2024 at 4:59 PM.

Local Business Enterprise (LBE) Certification

Please complete these additional LBE Forms and submit them along with your application packet. (Applicable only to for-profit entities applying to Service Component 4)