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SF’s Workforce Compensation Initiative Provides a Blueprint for Other Cities

DEC’s Workforce Compensation initiative is providing a blueprint for other cities looking to increase early educator compensation!

In a recent report from Bank Street College of Education, Paths Forward to Salary Parity for New York: National Models for Equity in Early Childhood Education Compensation, other cities ask themselves, “If San Francisco can do it, why can’t we?”

Pay parity between early childhood and elementary school educators is critical to reducing turnover, improving job quality, and achieving a more equitable childcare system.

Bank Street College of Education is highlighting these unique elements of San Francisco’s equitable workforce compensation structure. 

  • It is tiered to give more money to educators in underresourced communities.
  • Home-based providers are eligible.
  • It includes assistant teachers.
  • Phase 2 will increase salaries for all staff, including Directors and support staff. These funds can also be used for benefits such as retirement, health, and transportation.
  • In Phase 3, educators will compensate educators for additional planning time.

Some of these unique features are the kinds of innovations that pave the path for real, systemic change. Early educators are foundational to our city, and we are proud to lead the nation in investing in the sustainability and livelihood of this workforce.